piątek, 7 lipca 2017

A little giftbox

Hello everyone!
I just bought a small box of chocolats at a local chocolat manufacturer. It came in a nice little box, but it wasn't anything special. And I guess all we crafters will never be entirely happy with those premade boxes, no matter how cute they might be. So I made another box, to put the original box in. And this is what I want to share with you today.

The box itself is made from white cardstock. I covered the outside with the beautiful wood pattern side of the Body & Soul 03/04 paper. It has a soft pink-ish color with a little trend to red. Since the original box of chocolats was red, that was great to use with it. I also love the large roses printed on this paper that you can't acutally see on my project since the box is too small.
I wanted to add some more vibrant color and so I've die cut a heart from one of the papers from the Dreams Come True 6 x 6 paper pad. I love those papers with the lace/doilies printed on. 
I also added a few flowers, cheesecloth, some ribbon and a banner with a saying "just for you". 

I also used the same paper to cover the sides of the inner box with, just turning the paper around 90°. Now it looks like kind of a painted wooden box.

And this is the inside of the box. Here I used the Butterfly/Wearing Green sheet from the Foggy Dew Collection, having the green side shown. I took care when glueing the pieces to the box that I followed the pattern so you only have some thin white strips inbetween. 
The original box is a darker red than it comes up on the picture. Don't know what my camera did here.
The box is closed by putting the cut out slid on the right side underneath the die cut heart on the outside, under which there is a small tower of stacked circles that go into the slid. 
On the left side, there is  a birthday greeting.

Hope you liked my box and have a happy day!
Hugs, Kathrin

https://www.skarbnicapomyslow.pl/pl/p/Dreams-Come-True-bloczek-15-cm-x-15-cm/5602 https://www.skarbnicapomyslow.pl/pl/p/AltairArt-Foggy-Dew-ButterfliesWearing-green/3933 https://www.skarbnicapomyslow.pl/pl/p/AltairArt-BodySoul-0304/3782

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