poniedziałek, 15 stycznia 2018

LO about the summer day by Yulia Popkova.


Hello friends! With you Yulia Popkova :) 
Each of us dreamed in his childhood. Someone wanted to become an astronaut or a fireman.
 I wanted to be a seller of ice cream or pies at a pastry shop:)

I Use:

AltairArt - Holy Mountains - 09/10 - motywy góralskie  AltairArt - Made of Stars - Pulsar/Andromeda  AltairArt - Made of Stars - Pasek 2 AltairArt - Foggy Dew - Motyle 2 AltairArt - Sama słodycz 2 AltairArt - Sama słodycz

Pozdrawiam, Yulia:)
Have a good mood!

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