środa, 28 lutego 2018

DIY magnets with Altair Art papers

Hello everyone, it's Giorgia here today.
I am always in search for ideas for cute, quick and easy little gifts for my creative friends, something to give them when we meet at crops and workshops.
So today I share with you the last gifts I made for them.

I have a lot of Altair Art paper scraps from previous project; I store them in a box where I dig when I need small pieces of papers.
So I thought of creating some cute magnets with them: I have this funny die that says "keep calm and craft on" and I thought to use it to create paper magnets.
I have a special machine that creates magnets, but if you don't have it (and don't have this specific die) you can create bookmarks (another of my favorite things to make as gift) using another die (heart, flower, butterfly...) - this is just an idea, you can adjust it to your needs using your fantasy.

I made two versions: in these first two pictures you can see that I used Altair Art paper on the top of the magnet.

In this other version I used the die to cut cardstock and I used Altair Art paper on the backside. 

These are the papers I used, you can find them here.

AltairArt - Signs of love - bloczek papierów do scrapbookingu 15x15 cm  

I hope you like my project!

A presto, ciao

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