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3D Door Card Tutorial

Hello everyone!
Every month we want to share a tutorial with you. It can be step-by-step pictures how a card or layout is made, instructions on how to make a special card or box or how to use special items to include them in your craft. I have desided to give you a tutorial for a 3D Door Card.

So, let's get started. Here's what you'll need:

*Papers with a wooden print measuring:
- 13,3 x 8 cm
- 13,5 x 7,2 cm (2 x)
- 3,3 x 4,6 cm 
- 1,1 x 4,1 cm (2 x)
*some patterned paper for the back of your card
* a regular sized A5 card base
* glue, scissors, ruler, cutter and a small circle punch

First take the biggest piece of your wood printed paper and cut out 3 windows like shown on the picture. The frame all around is 1 cm wide, so is the area between the two smaller windows. The windows measure 4,7 x 6 cm and 2,5 x 5,5 cm. Of course these are just guidelines, you can change those after your taste or i. e. you have some dies about that size.

Next take one of the smaller papers and place the larger one on top of it, tracing the windows from your larger panel onto the smaller one. Then cut out those traced windows with a distance of about 3 mm on each side. So, here my windows are 4,1 x 5,4 cm and 1,9 x 4,9 cm. Again, feel free to change measurements slightly or use a matching die.

In case you've decided to change your measurements - here I have a picture of the small panels that will go into the windows of the smaller piece of paper. Here I have a distance of 4 mm on each side to the window.

Then glue both pieces on top of each other, keeping the distances in the windows even.

Turn around the two pieces glued together and add foam tape to the back of it. Then glue it to the second smaller panel that we didn't cut out any windows of. 

Then add foam tape to the back of the small panels that go into the windows and glue those down centered as well.
The beautiful wooden prints from the Holy Mountain papers make this a really rustic and old looking door.

Now the main part of our door is done. What's left to do is add some decorations and details:

First I've cut some paper to create the house wall and glued it to my card base. Then I've glued the door on top of that.
To create the door knob I've punched a small label and and glued a punched out circle on top of it using foam tape again. The key hole is handdrewn.
And then I've added some decorations. Since we're heading into fall soon - I know, I'd so love to have summer for a few more months - I decided to make a fall-ish kind of door wreath.

Therefor I've die cut a few branches from brown cardstock, some leavy branches and single leaves from patterned paper and put it together to create my "wreath". Then I've added a bow and two banners with a saying to it.

This type of card takes some measuring, but it's definately worth it since you'll end up with a great 3D project that is still flat enough to fit into a regular envelope.

Hope you liked this tutorial and give this type of card a go.
Have a happy day,

And these are the papers I've used for my card:

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