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A magic chocolat box

Hello everyone!
It's Kathrin here again and since you got to me know me a bit already you might have noticed that I love to make boxes or stuff for little things like chocolates etc. So, no surprise today - I made another chocolat gift:

It's a kind of small box, that holds an even smaller chocolat - but it has a little magic inside. But more about that later, let's first talk about the outside.

The box itself was made from white cardstock. Then I've covered it with the dotted side of the Ever and Always Pink paper. It just went great colorwise with the chocolat I have put inside.

There is a little tag used as the closure for my card. I've put a magnet inbetween the papers and another one under the designer's paper put on the box. Then I've decorated the closure with a die cut heart that I glued a button with a bow onto.

Since I didn't want to go with just one sort of paper I also used the Ever and Always Grey sheet for my box, this time using the side with the roses print. I've die cut an oval from it, added some white matting and a die cut word that says "chocolat". And again since it goes so great with my chocolat I also die cut two little strawberries and glued them onto the label.

And this is what I meant when I talked about a little magic being involved. There is a paper strip inside, that brings out the chocolat from inside the box when you open the flap. The strip is covered with the grey paper again.

To the inside of the lid I've added another saying ("chocolat makes happy") and another tiny strawberry - since there is some strawberry chocolat inside my box.

So, after watering your mouths with this post you can all go now and grab some chocolat, I'll do the same... ;)
Have a happy day everyone!

Hugs, Kathrin

https://www.skarbnicapomyslow.pl/pl/p/Ever-and-always-Gray/5605 https://www.skarbnicapomyslow.pl/pl/p/Ever-and-always-Pink/5604

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